Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Dial offer on Facebook is a contest running through 3/31, they’re giving away 200,000 free samples of 7 day moisturizing lotion.

Sign up for a free Good Doer wristband. They’ll ask you five questions, let you know what type of person you are, then you enter your email and they’ll send a link to request the bracelet. I am apparently an explorer. What are you? Leave a comment below when you get yours!

One time I ran out of shampoo and didn't have time to run to a store for a few days. I actually made it 6 days on shampoo samples. So go to Facebook and request a free Clear Ultra Shea shampoo sample just in case you ever run out!

My all time favorite store for great deals and clearance is of course Target! They also have a sample site! My advice, check it regularly their samples go really fast!

In order to get free St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter lotion, you need to:
  1. Like them on Facebook
  2. Pick any of the five challenges
  3. Allow the app
  4. Fill out your shipping information
  5. Upload a photo
  6. Share the link with a friend via email
This seems a little much and I'll be disappointed if it arrives in a 2oz bottle! We'll see. Comment below if you receive one.

free Martha Stewart Living magazine subscription from RewardsGold. My grandmother would not approve since she thinks she's a fake, but some of you may like to read magazines from parolees.

How about Forbes magazine from Rewards Gold? I have been recieving this for about 3 years now, completely free of course, and though I read all of the articles about the rich people, I have yet to become rich myself. 

L'Oreal is offering samples of their Total Repair line. After 3 months of winter weather my hair needs it! Can't wait to try it. Let me know what you think!

Get your Detox 'n Slim Herbal drink sample! This will be helpful since I've put on a few winter pounds! 

I don't have a dog....*sniff sniff* but if I did this would be a great FREE sample! Redbarn Premium Pet Products is offering a can of dog food. I will request this and donate it to the local shelter.